New and improved


We are pleased to introduce the latest member of our family, our new website.  Like our exquisitely handcrafted sweets, we hope you like, feel free to let us know.  More exciting new things coming soon, including our own online store and some exciting new products. Come back and check us out again soon.

The Taste Of Time

Nicola M J Young wrires in NZ Tommy's magazine "In the 18th century, a Englishman visiting Istanbul shipped home boxes of the local confectionary; he couldn't remember its name, so called it Turkish Delight - and the name stuck, helped by a craze for all things Turkish, including Mozart's  Adduction from the Seraglio." Click on image to read more.

Loukoumi receives Kosher Certification

As well as a religious choice, Kosher food standards are an indication of quality and purity. It has its origins in the Hebrew word "Kasher" which translated means proper or pure. Kosher certified foods are generally free from unnatural modification such as preservatives, flavour improvers , artificial colours or flavours. We are currently able to certify many of our flavours. Certification here in New Zealand allows buyers internationally to be assured of the quality and adherence to the strict quality standards to meet Jewish dietary laws. Click on image to read more.

Loukoumi Gourmet Range


Our Gourmet range is a blend of ancient stories and natural exotic ingredients.  Back in 2005, we started with 4 honey based combinations; fig, hazelnut, quince and ginger. We now have introduced  Manuka honey with both Rainforest lemon and blackcurrant. Our latest offerings include pomegranate and liquorice. Read about this range and story behind each flavour combination here.

Farmers' Market in Kenepuru

image showing man at market stallWe have a stall at The Farmers' Market at Moore Wilsons in Kenepuru (Porirua). We are there most Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. This Farmers Market gives you a unique opportunity to buy directly from local producers including artisan bread, vegetables, cheeses, deli food and of course Loukoumi. If you would like to be kept up to date with where and when we have stalls you can subscribe to this News Blog by clicking here. We hope to see you soon.