The Taste Of Time

Nicola M J Young wrires in NZ Tommy's magazine "In the 18th century, a Englishman visiting Istanbul shipped home boxes of the local confectionary; he couldn't remember its name, so called it Turkish Delight - and the name stuck, helped by a craze for all things Turkish, including Mozart's  Adduction from the Seraglio." Click on image to read more.

'Gone but not forgotten'

Kate Wright from NZ City Life writes, "Miramar has lost an iconic business. Loukoumi, which has operated in Miramar since 1980, has moved to Ngauranga to continue making its Greek version of what the world traditionally recognise as Turkish delight. Owners Ross and Trish McKenzie bought the business from the Stavris family four years ago. Although familiar with the product..." click on image to read more.

'Dainty Delight'

image showing newspaper articleMike White from NZ North and South Magazine writes, "Bubble, bubble, Turkish toil and trouble. Mid-Winter 2004, Ross and Trish McKenzie stood staring grimly at a bubbling caudron of sticky sludge wondering what on earth they'd got themselves into. They'd taken over the Loukoumi Turkish delight business a year before, a tiny Wellington operation in suburban Miramir sandwiched between an old upholstery store and a Chinese takeaway..." click on image to read more.

'Delight in their work'

Margaret Brooker from NZ Dompost writes "As you bite into a soft cube of loukoumi, icing sugar powdering everything within range, you wouldn't imagine that something so seemingly simple could be so complex. Loukoumi, Lokum, or loucoum, as it is variously known in Greece and Turkey, may be more familiar to us as Turkish Delight. But this type of Turkish Delight is not..." click on image to read more.