Loukoumi receives Kosher Certification

As well as a religious choice, Kosher food standards are an indication of quality and purity. It has its origins in the Hebrew word "Kasher" which translated means proper or pure. Kosher certified foods are generally free from unnatural modification such as preservatives, flavour improvers , artificial colours or flavours. We are currently able to certify many of our flavours. Certification here in New Zealand allows buyers internationally to be assured of the quality and adherence to the strict quality standards to meet Jewish dietary laws. Click on image to read more.

Loukoumi Gourmet Range


Our Gourmet range is a blend of ancient stories and natural exotic ingredients.  Back in 2005, we started with 4 honey based combinations; fig, hazelnut, quince and ginger. We now have introduced  Manuka honey with both Rainforest lemon and blackcurrant. Our latest offerings include pomegranate and liquorice. Read about this range and story behind each flavour combination here.

Gourmet Range packaging

image showing product packagingWe felt a new range deserved a new look. Our designers developed a graphic style that is modern and fresh with a hint of tradition.... just like our new flavours. Their starting point was an amber honeycombed background and complimentary flavour colours. As we introduced the stronger Manuka honey flavours the background in turn became darker.